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Rodney Burford was the star of the trending Netflix series 'Deaf U' which explores the lives of a tight-knit group of students at Gallaudet University, a private college for the deaf and hard-of-hearing. Rodney is a self-described “bad boy” and Gallaudet football player who knows how to play the field — in every way. Originally from Brooklyn, New York Rodney’s platform has exploded since the show. Rodney uses a cochlear implant and uses his voice. His athletic background and expertise in American Sign Language lends seamlessly to the physicality of acting.

Nailing his first acting audition, Rodney is a breakout star on Netlfix's most streamed series Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, playing the unforgettable role of 'Tony Hughes.' He was recently seen in the finale of ABC's THE ROOKIE: FEDS, with plans to recur next season.


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